Setting the bar low

From the “Pro” section of Techcrunch’s Galaxy S4 review:

Acceptable battery life

Surely that’s the very definition of something that’s not a pro, but just merely acceptable?  That’s like putting “Has microphone” as a pro.  They’ve set the bar pretty low here, which is actually a reflection of where most Android phones are, especially those with large screens, with regards to battery life.

What’s interesting is that Samsung appear to have really picked their market and stuck with it.  Where Apple goes for quality (they spoke at length about the iPhone 5 feeling like a finely made watch) and ease of use, the reviews of the S4 talk about the horribly cheap feeling hardware and the confusing, difficult to use and gimmicky software.

It’s healthy to have this sort of competition, and it creates a real opportunity for someone like HTC to waltz in and take some of the middle ground between cheap and difficult and quality and easy to use.