Pitching Hollywood

The New York Times put together a pitch for a movie called “Red, White and Blood” and ran it by some Hollywood experts.  The entire thing is a damning indictment on the state of the movie business: “I’ve got some really bad news for you,” said Lynda Obst, whose films include “Contact,” “Sleepless in Seattle” […]

Review: The Incredibly Misjudged Gatsby

Did you know that new Baz Luhrmann movie The Great Gatsby is based on a book? The problems with this movie are too numerous to list, so I’ll stick to the ones that have stuck with me, two days after catching the movie, based on a book, on opening night. By far the biggest flaw […]

Oscar winner shot on iPhone

Last night’s Academy Awards marked a number of achievements in film history, but there was one noteworthy accomplishment that wasn’t mentioned on stage. While many people were focused on the high-profile Best Picture nominees and Hollywood stars, the low-budget film Searching for Sugar Man received the award for Best Documentary. Aside from earning plenty of […]

The User Experience of Iron Man

I appreciate that Tony Stark is a witty genius who likely experiences fewer verbal stumbles than most of us do, but remember that he is also an alcoholic. My favourite line from The User Experience of Iron Man on UXmatters.

Based on true events

Having watched Argo this evening, the movie based one the “Canadian Caper”, I was intrigued as to how closely it followed the actual events.  This all happened the year before I was born, so I had no personal memory of events.  I suspected that the dramatic ending was a result of events being Hollywoodized, but […]