Samsung to NOT copy Apple

The Korea Times: Samsung Electronics has decided to ditch its unprofitable desktop PC business and devote itself to tablet computers and all-in-one laptops, company officials said Monday. Well it was only ever going to go one of two ways.  Either they would copy the Mac Pro and market the hell out of their version, or […]

Samsung has lost it

It’s been an interesting week for Samsung. First, we learn that Apple is growing marketshare significantly faster than Samsung: Apple and Samsung both continue to increase their share of the United States’ smartphone market, but according to new data, Apple is growing at a faster clip and extended its lead over rival Samsung as iPhone […]

Do as I say, not as I do

Spanish tennis player David Ferrer sent a tweet out to his more than 350,000 followers noting his pleasure with using Samsung’s new Galaxy S4, but accidentally sent the message from his iPhone. via Apple Insider. The article mentions some other examples, but the one I’ll always remember is Oprah.  Despite buying 12 Microsoft Surfaces, Oprah […]

Setting the bar low

From the “Pro” section of Techcrunch’s Galaxy S4 review: Acceptable battery life Surely that’s the very definition of something that’s not a pro, but just merely acceptable?  That’s like putting “Has microphone” as a pro.  They’ve set the bar pretty low here, which is actually a reflection of where most Android phones are, especially those […]


This just seems absolutely mad to me: After months of speculation, Samsung has finally revealed its latest oversized smartphones, the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3. Larger than even Samsung’s enormous 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2, both phones are low- to mid-range in terms of specifications. Who the hell are these things for? People with massive hands […]

Me too! Me too!

Having asked the question a few days go, are Samsung copying a rumoured Apple device, it seems as if a number of other companies have jumped on that particular bandwagon. Reportedly, Google’s Android team are working on a watch, as are LG.  The Google rumour is of particular note as it would point to Google […]

Fragmentation on top of fragmentation

It’s not always a nice surprise when you’re expecting one thing and are then presented with another, but that’s exactly how we feel having discovered that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will be coming to the UK sans fancy octa-core processor and instead offer up a somewhat less inspiring quad-core chip. via Recombu. So if […]

Samsung copying rumoured Apple products?

Are Samsung now copying rumoured Apple products, not just released ones? I guess that’s one way to get ahead of the game. It’s interesting to see companies mobilising around wearable technology, a space where they clearly see growth but also one that’s yet to have any significant impact on real people’s lives.

Everyone loves a winner

To some extent, Samsung is the victim of its own success. The Galaxy S III was a runaway hit, to such an extent that the Galaxy S4 was one of the most hotly-anticipated devices of the year. Now sure, it’s unfair — and unrealistic — to expect a technological revolution every 12 months, but Samsung […]

Infamous Apple ruling judge now working for Samsung

FOSS Patents has the details. You really can’t make this stuff up. At the time it was considered a very strange ruling that flew in the face of similar cases being heard around the world, and particularly punitive. It’s raised some eyebrows and some questions. This move isn’t going to make those questions go away. […]