Samsung has lost it

It’s been an interesting week for Samsung.

First, we learn that Apple is growing marketshare significantly faster than Samsung:

Apple and Samsung both continue to increase their share of the United States’ smartphone market, but according to new data, Apple is growing at a faster clip and extended its lead over rival Samsung as iPhone marketshare peaked at nearly 40 percent in the last three months.

1.4% vs 0.6%.  More than twice as fast.  This broadly reflects the iOS vs Android trend as well.

Marketshare shifts between Android and iOS, Samsung and Apple all the time.  What makes this particular change significant is that Samsung released the S4 this quarter, their flagship, Android’s flagship (at least in terms of units shipped).  Android and Samsung losing ground to Apple in the midsts of this major release is significant, and the markets have reacted:

Samsung Electronics Co lost $12 billion in market value on Friday, hit by brokerage downgrades that have underscored concerns about slowing sales of its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone.

The title of this post is firmly tongue in cheek.  Unlike Bloomberg’s reporting of anything Apple related:

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook is seeking to entice consumers to upgrade to the latest models, part of the company’s efforts to reignite sales growth and combat declining shares.

Perhaps they didn’t see the ComScore numbers from days before they published this article? Or perhaps, they don’t care, cause “journalism”.  Maybe they feel the need to reignite the fastest growing mobile product on the planet?