Hidden messages only for children

This is one of the cleverest advertising campaigns I’ve ever seen, and it’s for a great cause.

ANAR foundation is a charity that offers help to children who may be the victims of abuse or neglect.  They wanted to publicise their help number to the vulnerable children but in a such a way that those that are abusing them are oblivious to.

Anar created a poster that conveys a secret message to people at different heights, even if accompanied by a potential aggressor.

To do this they used lenticular photos.  This means that some of adult height will see one image, where someone of a child’s height will see a different image.  In this case, one containing a hidden message and phone number.

It’s a very clever application of lenticular images, and for a fantastic cause.  I would have some concerns however, in particular where the adverts can be viewed from distance, on hills or other locations that would reveal the advert to everyone (or at least hint that there’s something else going on).