Flickr, changing the game

Earlier today Flickr released the new version of its site (take a look at that link, it’s really well done).  It has a potential to be a real game changer.  Free accounts will now receive 1TB of storage, replacing the previous 200 photo limit.  If you pay enough ($499) you can double it. This reminds me of […]

Yahoo! and Tumblr., punctuation ahoy!

By now everyone’s aware of Yahoo!’s $1.1 Billion (with a “b”) deal to buy Tumblr.  I wrote about another Yahoo! acquisition, a little while ago: At this stage, when Yahoo! comes knocking on a start up’s door they have to be looking at their track record. And then it comes down to whether you […]

Doing the right thing, the wrong way

Andy Baio on Yahoo closing So, Yahoo’s finally decided to close, the events community I started nearly ten years ago. And, in Yahoo’s typical fuck-off-and-die style, they’re doing it with 11 days notice, no on-site announcement, and no way to back up past events. It’s difficult to argue with Yahoo’s decision to close […]

Summarising flickr’s problems with a screenshot

A lot of people, myself included, were excited when Marissa Mayer took over as Yahoo! CEO.  One of the main sources of this excitement was the opportunity she had to turn flickr back in to something great.  Flickr has been slipping behind for a number of years now.  They missed the mobile revolution.  They abandoned […]

Talking of focus

Staying on the topic of focus… Chop chop! Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco, just said that Yahoo needs to slash the number of mobile apps it currently has. Yahoo needs to go from 60 to 70 apps to about a dozen, Mayer said—not all of […]