Speculating on PRISM

PRISM is out.  And there’s been a lot written about it.  From denials at the very top of some of the world’s (nee America’s) biggest internet and technology companies to lawmakers defending the approach.  It’s also emerged that the UK’s GCHQ has access to at least some of the data being collected. There are a number […]


Government £6,000 per year per desktop spend a frightening insight into public sector IT: Aside from the huge waste in productivity outlined by Kelly, the government seems to be throwing huge amounts down the drain maintaining this outdated kit. The COO said he thought the cost of a single desktop PC was around £6,000 per […]

UK Border Agency’s breakup blamed on IT, misses the point

The UK’s Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that the UK Border Agency, the UKBA, will be broken up.  Part of the blame has been put on the IT systems they use: “They require manual data entry instead of automated data collection, and they often involve paper files instead of modern electronic case management,” said […]