Google’s baffling product line-up

Sometimes, I sit back in awe at some of the incredible things Google is capable of.  They innovate, refine and deliver some of the best services out there.  At other times, I can’t help but wonder if there’s anyone with a clear vision for the company and the various product groups operating within.  To underline […]

Speculating on PRISM

PRISM is out.  And there’s been a lot written about it.  From denials at the very top of some of the world’s (nee America’s) biggest internet and technology companies to lawmakers defending the approach.  It’s also emerged that the UK’s GCHQ has access to at least some of the data being collected. There are a number […]

Smart or desperate?

Speaking to Walt Mossberg at D11 this morning, Googles Sundar Pichai offered glorious news for anyone who loves the HTC One but craves an untouched Android experience: he confirmed that there is indeed a stock Android 4.2.2 version of the flagship device One coming, and it will be fully unlocked for T-Mobile and AT&T at […]

Google Glass killer features

I have very little interest in Google Glass, other than wanting to avoid anyone who’s actually wearing them, but what applications and use cases would actually get me excited to use them?

Google as a photographer’s assistant

Trey Ratcliff, the photographer who’s done more than any other to popularise HDR (or, more accurately tone mapped) photos, put up an interesting post regarding what Google will do for photographers: So, along comes this exciting new announcement from Google – that they are using their massive server farms to intelligently organize and post-process photos […]

Google Now coming to Chrome on OSX

The Next Web: Over the last few months, the Chrome OS notification center was ported to Chromium and then to Chrome Canary, but the feature was limited to just Windows. Now it looks like the first attempts to do the same for OS X, at least in Chromium, have surfaced, paving the way for Google […]

People in glass houses…

Microsoft’s top executive for mobile phones took shots at both iOS and Android today, calling Apple’s operating system “boring” and claiming Google’s is “a mess.” via Microsoft exec talks mobile smack, trashes iOS as ‘boring,’ Android as ‘a mess’ – Computerworld. Perhaps Microsoft, and specifically Terry Myerson, should focus more on getting their own house […]

Hyperlapse on Streetview

Google Street View Hyperlapse is an experiment by Teehan + Lax labs and can be, when applied to the right parts of the world, stunning. Hyper-lapse photography – a technique combining time-lapse and sweeping camera movements typically focused on a point-of-interest – has been a growing trend on video sites. It’s not hard to find stunning […]

Microsoft is staring in to the abyss

It’s difficult to overstate the challenges facing Microsoft at the moment. A Gartner report out this week: Traditional PC Market Predicted to Decline 7.6 Percent as Change in Consumers’ Behavior Drives Transition to Tablets and Ultramobiles (Am I the only person who finds Gartner referring to themselves in the third person highly amusing?  Like that […]

@Gruber on Google’s trust problem, a correction

John Gruber talking about the Google Reader shutdown on Daring Fireball: All companies cancel services and abandon apps. The difference with Google Reader is that they’ve canceled something beloved. I’d correct that to say that Google has canceled a service that was beloved by influential people. This is a real problem for Google.  In launching Keep […]