Selling everything, everywhere, to anyone

From The Inquirer because the Sunday Times’ business model doesn’t want links:

According to the Sunday Times’ front page story, Ipsos Mori has been shopping the records around and bragging that the data can be used to track people and their location in real time to within 100 metres.

The data is coming from Everything Everywhere, the company that emerged from the Orange UK and T Mobile UK merger.  This is the same company that currently has a monopoly on 4G services in the UK and charges an absurd amount for them.

And let’s be clear, this isn’t the police going to Everything Everywhere with a warrant in hand requesting this data, this is EE and Ipsos Mori actively trying to sell the data not just to the Police but to anyone who will pay for it.

Having this data is worrying.  Actively selling it to the highest bidder is terrifying.