Staying power

From CNET:

Apple’s iOS browser captured 61.79 percent of all mobile browser Web traffic seen by Net Applications in March. That was a healthy rise from the 55.41 percent tracked in February.

What does this tell us?  What it tell me is that all those Android tablets that were sold over the holiday period are now gathering dust because people don’t enjoy using them.  Whilst iOS devices are still actively being used months after purchase.

That might be a stretch, but it’s based on experience.  My experience.  I have a Nexus 7, the finest of all the Android tablets (apparently), and it’s sitting on my bedside table doing, well not a lot.  I suspect it’s battery is fully depleted.  My iPad? Despite purchasing it months before the Nexus it still gets used every day.

From the same article:

But Safari has seen its share of Net Applications’ Web traffic rocked by the competition.

After rising steadily in past years, Safari’s share has been treading water over the past year or so. Its 61.79 percent share last month is just slightly higher than the 60.5 percent in March 2012.

Since when has a slight year-on-year rise in market share represented anything being “rocked” other than an author’s grasp on reality?