Is Android the bread maker of smartphones?

A few years ago it seemed like everyone was getting a bread maker.  Most were given as gifts, some were bought.  Few were used more than a handful of times. Looking at the recent article by Time Magazine that collates multiple data points for the smartphone market, I can’t shake the feeling that Android is […]

People in glass houses…

Microsoft’s top executive for mobile phones took shots at both iOS and Android today, calling Apple’s operating system “boring” and claiming Google’s is “a mess.” via Microsoft exec talks mobile smack, trashes iOS as ‘boring,’ Android as ‘a mess’ – Computerworld. Perhaps Microsoft, and specifically Terry Myerson, should focus more on getting their own house […]

Microsoft is staring in to the abyss

It’s difficult to overstate the challenges facing Microsoft at the moment. A Gartner report out this week: Traditional PC Market Predicted to Decline 7.6 Percent as Change in Consumers’ Behavior Drives Transition to Tablets and Ultramobiles (Am I the only person who finds Gartner referring to themselves in the third person highly amusing?  Like that […]

Android: Not first with developers

Evernote CTO Dave Engberg: …Evernote is seeing increasing usage of its Windows Phone app — and more important, that people on that platform use it quite often and buy extra services. “The average revenue per user is more than it is for Android.” He called Windows Phone revenue “modest, but worth the effort” and said […]

The bizarre world of Microsoft

Microsoft are essentially bribing application developers to create apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 by giving them $100 per app that’s successfully submitted: Microsoft wants Windows 8 and Windows Phone developers to create apps for its platforms, and it’s tempting them by offering up hard cash. In a new US marketing effort, Microsoft […]