The physical embodiments of failure

Microsoft puts a Windows 8 key on its latest mice: It’s somehow slightly disturbing when you first see it — we’re so used to the Windows key being resigned to sitting quietly between the control and alt keys. Nevertheless, it has a prominent spot on both of Microsoft’s new mice, the Sculpt Comfort Mouse and […]

Acer: Cornering the market in crap

The Verge covered the recent Acer touch event, and put together a nice little video I’ve embedded below.  Is there anything in this video that doesn’t look like utter crap? The R7 has the weirdest design, and not in a good way.  Will it ever be possible to use the trackpad without either cramping your […]

Backwards land

Who would have predicted this a few years ago?  It’s a Windows 8 advert which uses the fact it can play a year old iPhone game as the major selling point.  And this ad has been airing, a lot. The world may be going mad.  If this were a Windows Phone advert, I’d kind of […]