Microsoft losing the plot

We’re in the midst of E3 and it appears as if Microsoft are gradually losing the plot.  And to Sony’s credit, they’re going for the jugular. The fact that the XBOX One would in fact require an always on internet connection and would use that connection to prevent games from being traded or resold without […]

Headline of the day

Sony fails to show PlayStation 4 console at PlayStation 4 event via The Verge. The other thing they forgot to show, anything that would make me excited, or indeed interested, in the PS4.  There’s nothing compelling about the package, and whilst individual aspects are nice, like low-power state for updates and system level functionality like sharing […]

All about experiences

Darrell Etherington at Techcrunch. The tech remains important, he stressed, but the idea was to create a platform that was all about experience. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s a tune Apple and Steve Jobs started playing years ago when they realized the spec race was a nonstarter in the mobile phone world. When I asked […]