iPad as a camera

I was fortunate in that I travelled to some amazing places in 2013. Something that astounded me regardless of location, was the number of people using an iPad as a camera. Apple appear to be embracing this use case in their latest advert, What Will Your Verse Be? As I travelled between tourist hotspots, there […]

A day with the Fuji X100S

I’ve been a DSLR shooter for a while, but I’ve recently been finding myself becoming a little disillusioned with photography.  I’ve lost some of the fun.  For reference I shoot with a Canon 5D MKII and usually carry a lot of gear around with me.  In addition to the body there’s my walk around lens, […]

Google as a photographer’s assistant

Trey Ratcliff, the photographer who’s done more than any other to popularise HDR (or, more accurately tone mapped) photos, put up an interesting post regarding what Google will do for photographers: So, along comes this exciting new announcement from Google – that they are using their massive server farms to intelligently organize and post-process photos […]

Summarising flickr’s problems with a screenshot

A lot of people, myself included, were excited when Marissa Mayer took over as Yahoo! CEO.  One of the main sources of this excitement was the opportunity she had to turn flickr back in to something great.  Flickr has been slipping behind for a number of years now.  They missed the mobile revolution.  They abandoned […]

Apple focusing on professionals?

Apple has been critiscised recently for chasing average users whilst neglecting what was once their core audience, professionals.  Final Cut Pro X served as a lightening rod for much of this critiscism, with many features from its predecessor missing and an interface more aligned to casual users than professional video editors. However, the LA Times […]

One company, multiple personalities

I find it astonishing that the same company that produced the abomination that was last night’s PS4 event can also create something like the RX1. David Pogue: But somehow, incredibly, Sony’s engineers have done it. The RX1 is easily coat-pocketable, but yes, there’s a full-frame sensor in there, and the photos it delivers are breathtaking. […]