Skirting the issue

Dan Rowinski at RearWriteWeb reporting on some data released by analytics firm Flurry on the current state of the mobile market: Flurry positions the battle as App Share versus Device Share. Apple leads in App Share while Android leads in Device Share. Ok.  The article goes on to look at app share vs device share […]

BadNews for Android security

This is frightening… Lookout has discovered BadNews, a new malware family, in 32 apps across four different developer accounts in Google Play. According to Google Play statistics, the combined affected applications have been downloaded between 2,000,000 – 9,000,000 times. That’s nine million potential installations. Nine. Million. It appears that this is delayed attack, with the perpetrator pitching this […]

Madness at Redmond

The Verge: The Verge originally revealed Office for iOS in November, with an excepted release early this year. Foley claims a roadmap for the future of Office includes release dates for Android and iOS in October 2014. This is madness.  Considering Microsoft is currently staring in to the abyss, to delay the release of Office […]

Trojan horse

Matt Drance: You cannot put your future in a competitor’s hands. So what do you do? Do you enter uncharted territory, make your own mobile operating system, and hope people switch? Of course not. You make your competitor’s system yours — overnight. Facebook Home is a trojan horse designed to steal the Android experience, and the […]

Microsoft is staring in to the abyss

It’s difficult to overstate the challenges facing Microsoft at the moment. A Gartner report out this week: Traditional PC Market Predicted to Decline 7.6 Percent as Change in Consumers’ Behavior Drives Transition to Tablets and Ultramobiles (Am I the only person who finds Gartner referring to themselves in the third person highly amusing?  Like that […]

HTC First puts Android last

From the Android Developer documentation: Significant changes in Android 3.0 included: Deprecation of navigation hardware keys (Back, Menu, Search, Home) in favor of handling navigation via virtual controls (Back, Home, Recents). Robust pattern for the use of menus in action bars. Android 4.0 brings these changes for tablets to the phone platform. And the HTC […]

Facebook Home

Facebook has officially announced Facebook Home.  From The Verge: Home is a family of Facebook apps that overhauls your entire device, turning it into a Facebook phone. An app called Coverfeed overhauls the homescreen and the lockscreen, giving you updates on what your friends are doing without you having to launch an app, or even […]

Android: Not first with developers

Evernote CTO Dave Engberg: …Evernote is seeing increasing usage of its Windows Phone app — and more important, that people on that platform use it quite often and buy extra services. “The average revenue per user is more than it is for Android.” He called Windows Phone revenue “modest, but worth the effort” and said […]

How Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices?

Everything changes with touchscreens. On today’s smartphones, almost the entire front surface is a screen. Users need to be able to see the whole screen, and may also need to touch any part of it to provide input. Since my old data was mostly from observations of users in the lab—using keyboard-centric devices in too […]