Nintendo’s head in the sand approach

There’s a fascinating article on Eurogamer about the launch of the WiiU from the perspective of a games developer. It’s interesting for a number of reasons, but one comment really stands out: At some point in this conversation we were informed that it was no good referencing Live and PSN as nobody in their development […]

Microsoft losing the plot

We’re in the midst of E3 and it appears as if Microsoft are gradually losing the plot.  And to Sony’s credit, they’re going for the jugular. The fact that the XBOX One would in fact require an always on internet connection and would use that connection to prevent games from being traded or resold without […]

The biggest gaming announcement this week

For the first time since Apple opened the App Store in 2008, it’s explicitly opening up iOS to hardware game controllers, enabling console-like gaming experiences to be powered by its mobile devices. The implications are big: game developers will be able to target all controllers that conform to Apple’s standard, removing a lot of the […]

Real economics in virtual worlds

This is a really interesting article on hyperinflation that’s been gripping the world of Diablo 3 recently: But in the last few months, various outposts in that world — Silver City and New Tristram, to name two — have borne more in common with real world places like Harare, Zimbabwe in 2007 or Berlin in […]

Spotify for games

When asked about a Spotify-like model for subscription gaming, Shuhei Yoshida (president of Sony’s Wordwide Studio) told the Guardian’s Keith Stuart: As more and more services and contents become available digitally, we’ll have more of an option to create attractive packages. So hypothetically we can look at different models – like a cable TV company. We […]

Putting the “vapour” in to vapourware

Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, when asked about the PS4’s cloud services. I think it’s aspirational on the device, as opposed to us standing up there, pounding the floor and saying the day this thing ships all this stuff will be there. I think it’ll absolutely be there for […]

Headline of the day

Sony fails to show PlayStation 4 console at PlayStation 4 event via The Verge. The other thing they forgot to show, anything that would make me excited, or indeed interested, in the PS4.  There’s nothing compelling about the package, and whilst individual aspects are nice, like low-power state for updates and system level functionality like sharing […]

All about experiences

Darrell Etherington at Techcrunch. The tech remains important, he stressed, but the idea was to create a platform that was all about experience. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s a tune Apple and Steve Jobs started playing years ago when they realized the spec race was a nonstarter in the mobile phone world. When I asked […]