Land of the free

Autoblog: North Carolina is the latest state to line up against Tesla Motors by proposing a bill that would bar direct automaker-to-customer sales within the state According to Slate, a bill pushed by the state’s Senate Commerce Committee – and backed, of course, by the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA) – would not only […]

Doing the right thing, the wrong way

Andy Baio on Yahoo closing So, Yahoo’s finally decided to close, the events community I started nearly ten years ago. And, in Yahoo’s typical fuck-off-and-die style, they’re doing it with 11 days notice, no on-site announcement, and no way to back up past events. It’s difficult to argue with Yahoo’s decision to close […]


“I’ve decided that I’d like to spend more time with my family. Just kidding — I was fired today,” If you only read one article about Andrew Mason being kicked out of Groupon, make sure it’s the one that makes liberal use of the word “defenestration”. via The defenestration of Andrew Mason.