Business of Tech


Government £6,000 per year per desktop spend a frightening insight into public sector IT: Aside from the huge waste in productivity outlined by Kelly, the government seems to be throwing huge amounts down the drain maintaining this outdated kit. The COO said he thought the cost of a single desktop PC was around £6,000 per […]

Skirting the issue

Dan Rowinski at RearWriteWeb reporting on some data released by analytics firm Flurry on the current state of the mobile market: Flurry positions the battle as App Share versus Device Share. Apple leads in App Share while Android leads in Device Share. Ok.  The article goes on to look at app share vs device share […]

Smart or desperate?

Speaking to Walt Mossberg at D11 this morning, Googles Sundar Pichai offered glorious news for anyone who loves the HTC One but craves an untouched Android experience: he confirmed that there is indeed a stock Android 4.2.2 version of the flagship device One coming, and it will be fully unlocked for T-Mobile and AT&T at […]


It’s astonishing to think that for a certain section of society (albeit in this case teenage girls) not having a particular phone can result in you being effectively ostracised from your group of friends. Not having an iPhone can be social suicide, notes Casey. One of her friends found herself effectively exiled from their circle for six […]

The physical embodiments of failure

Microsoft puts a Windows 8 key on its latest mice: It’s somehow slightly disturbing when you first see it — we’re so used to the Windows key being resigned to sitting quietly between the control and alt keys. Nevertheless, it has a prominent spot on both of Microsoft’s new mice, the Sculpt Comfort Mouse and […]

Xbox One wrap-up

Yesterday’s Xbox One announcement couldn’t have been more different from Sony’s PS4 announcement earlier this year.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to think of a single way they could have made it more different. The Xbox event was short and to the point.  That left numerous gaps that people have been furiously trying to […]

Flickr, changing the game

Earlier today Flickr released the new version of its site (take a look at that link, it’s really well done).  It has a potential to be a real game changer.  Free accounts will now receive 1TB of storage, replacing the previous 200 photo limit.  If you pay enough ($499) you can double it. This reminds me of […]

Yahoo! and Tumblr., punctuation ahoy!

By now everyone’s aware of Yahoo!’s $1.1 Billion (with a “b”) deal to buy Tumblr.  I wrote about another Yahoo! acquisition, a little while ago: At this stage, when Yahoo! comes knocking on a start up’s door they have to be looking at their track record. And then it comes down to whether you […]

Google Glass killer features

I have very little interest in Google Glass, other than wanting to avoid anyone who’s actually wearing them, but what applications and use cases would actually get me excited to use them?

Why Siri can’t turn on your WiFi

At the moment, there’s no official, Apple-supported way for getting Siri to turn the WiFi (or bluetooth, or the ringer) on or off on your iPhone.  This has baffled some, as it seems like a no-brainer. The reason you can’t do it is not technical, but rather conceptual.  The concept of Siri, what it’s meant […]