Who’s winning?

Strategy Analytics has released their latest numbers for SmartPhone sales and determined that the iPhone 5 is the world’s top-selling device.  This has prompted headlines like the ones below

iPhone 5 beats Galaxy S3 as top seller, says report


Apple’s iPhone 5 topples the Samsung Galaxy S III to become the best-selling smartphone in Q4 2012

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And even the headline of the Strategy Analytics Report itself.

Apple iPhone 5 Overtakes Samsung Galaxy S3 to Become World’s Best-Selling Smartphone Model in Q4 2012

And many similar.

What may surprise you based on those headlines is that the Galaxy S3 wasn’t the second best-selling phone.  That honour goes to the iPhone 4s.  In fact, according to the report the year old 4S shipped two million more handsets than the S3 in Q4 2012. That’s not an insignificant number (reports have pegged the total number of Windows phones sold during that time as around four million, for reference).

Even more interestingly is the numbers for the iPhone 5.  In Q3 six million units shipped, in Q4 27.4 million units shipped.  That’s a lot.  And almost twice as much as the S3 a 15.4 million units.  When Apple get their supply constraints removed, it’s not even close.