Who’ll give me odds?

I’ve been reading with interest the coverage around Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia’s phone division and it’s got my head spinning (more on that later).  Something that did pop in to my mind when reading TechCrunch’s assessment of what’s left at Nokia, specifically the HERE Services, was that they must be prime target for Apple?  They’ve recently lost out to Google with Waze, and have been in the market for an established mapping partner for some time now.  Buying what’s left of Nokia, or perhaps just HERE Services, would be quite the coup and a smart move for what is actually a very strong mapping offering.  And as we all know, if mobile is the current growth area, location services is the compost that’s feeding it.

So who’ll give me odds on Apple taking a close look at what’s left at Nokia?  They’ll have to be long mind you, because it’s out of left field.