Moving and shaking at Google

Google announced a pretty big change in it’s Android business today.

Google CEO Larry Page has just announced that Andy Rubin, the godfather of Android, will no longer lead the project as he moves on to start another project at Google. Taking over Android will be Sundar Pichai, who was the senior vice president of Chrome the last couple years.

This is interesting for two questions it raises.  Android has become a massive business for Google, what on earth are they cooking up that would entice Andy Rubin away from a business that he’s been key to from the start?  And what does this mean for the Chrome OS if Sundar Pichai is now heading up that business as well as Android?  Will we see the two platforms become more similar?  And what is Sundar Pichai’s vision for Android going forward?

Hopefully the Google IO conference in May will provide some answers.

via Andy Rubin hands over the reins of Android to Chrome OS boss Sundar Pichai | Android and Me.