“Market Standard”

Simon Dawlat, the CEO of AppGratis the app “discovery” platform that was banned from iOS last week:

Then for advertisers, we offer sponsored slots that are being displayed within our regular stream of editorial picks.

These advertising campaigns are clearly label “Sponsored”.

They are sold on a “CPI” Cost-per-install basis, which is the market standard used by Facebook Mobile Ads and all the other big players.

If that’s a market standard on iOS, I suspect that’s a market that won’t be around for very long.

This is clearly a violation of the AppStore rules and exactly the sort of gaming of the AppStore rankings that Apple have constantly and consistently fought against.

Last but not least, everything is 100% NON-incentivized, so if an App we feature isn’t good – paid or not – it just won’t fly.

The AppGratis definition of non-incentivized and my definition of non-incentivized differ. If you’re accepting money from people as an incentive to promote their app (€2 / download as reported by the developer of an app who spoke with AppGratis), regardless of whether it has to pass some non-defined, subjective quality test, that’s incentivized in my eyes.