Fragmentation on top of fragmentation

It’s not always a nice surprise when you’re expecting one thing and are then presented with another, but that’s exactly how we feel having discovered that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will be coming to the UK sans fancy octa-core processor and instead offer up a somewhat less inspiring quad-core chip.

via Recombu.

So if you’re an Android developer you now not only have yo look out for multiple different versions (most of which are years old) running on multiple different devices, but now different hardware inside the same device.

Now I’m not arguing that it’s necessary for a phone to have an eight core processor, in fact it seems somewhat gratuitous given that there’s very little software that can actually take advantage of those cores, but this feels like a strange position to take.  And I don’t buy Samsung’s reasoning behind this.  Other manufacturers don’t appear to have the same issues.