Facebook releasing a phone? Questions, Questions.

The New York Times:

Facebook will introduce a special version of Google’s Android software system next week that is modified to put the social network front and center on a smartphone. The software will debut on a handset made by HTC, according to a Facebook employee and another person who were briefed on the announcement.

Two things strike me about this, well let’s call it a rumour for now.  When has a handset tied to a specific service ever worked out?  And is this HTC’s chance to push some real volume?

But there are so many questions running through my head on this one.

  • Presumably this is a way of Facebook solving the old “mow to monetise mobile” problem?
  • Interesting that they are already putting Android fairly front and central.  Unlike Samsung.
  • Apps?  Facebook apps or Android Apps or both? From which store?
  • Why would anyone buy this over, say Windows phone which can essentially give you a Facebook homescreen or iOS which has reasonably tight Facebook integration and a nice app?
  • What does this mean for apps on existing platforms?
  • Will this result in additional fragmentation a la Kindle Fire?

Interesting times.