Apple focusing on professionals?

Apple has been critiscised recently for chasing average users whilst neglecting what was once their core audience, professionals.  Final Cut Pro X served as a lightening rod for much of this critiscism, with many features from its predecessor missing and an interface more aligned to casual users than professional video editors.

However, the LA Times are reporting a fresh focus on Final Cut Pro X from Apple:

Now, after updating the software seven times since its release in 2011, Apple is launching a campaign Thursday aimed at winning back skeptical professional users.

That campaign, timed to coincide with the National Assn. of Broadcasters convention that starts April 6 in Las Vegas, will feature users like Julian Liurette, who followed the firestorm from his video editing desk in Toronto at the Globe and Mail newspaper.

Despite updating FCPX frequently (well, frequently for Apple) since its launch, it’s going to take a lot more than marketing to win over their critics.

Apple’s entire line of professional products are in need of a refresh.  The MacBook Pro Retina is underpowered for serious professional work (it has to dedicate too many resources to running the stunning display), the Mac Pro is dead, Aperture has fallen miles behind Lightroom by Adobe and FCPX still isn’t fit for purpose.

I fear this marketing push is the equivalent of Apple painting the front door of a house that’s sinking in to the ground.