Android: Not first with developers

Evernote CTO Dave Engberg:

…Evernote is seeing increasing usage of its Windows Phone app — and more important, that people on that platform use it quite often and buy extra services. “The average revenue per user is more than it is for Android.” He called Windows Phone revenue “modest, but worth the effort” and said it was “solidly in third place” — ahead of BlackBerry.

Android is clearly where the volume is in the marketplace, but there’s increasing evidence that points to a lack of user engagement with the platform.

Web browser stats suggest that Android users aren’t using their phones to browse the web and application developers are continuing to suggest that Android users aren’t downloading, or perhaps more importantly paying for, applications.

It’s looking likely that with Android, Google has cornered the part of the smart phone market it didn’t want, the dumb end.  And with Samsung sidelining Android with it’s high end phones, where do they go next?