Quicksilver reaches version 1

Quicksilver, one of the best apps on the planet, has just reached version 1 after 10 years in beta.

If you’re not familiar with Quicksilver, it’s an application launcher much like Alfred, but it’s oh so powerful.

Just to give a hint at what you can do with Quicksilver.  You can select a bunch of files in Finder, invoke Quicksilver, use Quicksilver to resize those files, then compress them in to a zip file and then email those files to an email address.  You can do that in just a few seconds.  Another of Quicksilver’s features is the ability to set “triggers” up for any quicksilver action.  So if you find yourself emailing the same person over and over, you can set up a hot key combination to do that.

Quicksilver at its best is magical.

I’ve not been using Quicksilver for the last few years as it became very unstable.  But every time I invoked Alfred I wished it was Quicksilver.

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