Modern democracy?

From The Verge:

The 45 senators who blocked a gun control amendment despite its 90-plus percent approval rating may be in trouble with the white-haired godfather of Silicon Valley, “super angel” tech investor Ron Conway.

“We will employ the most sophisticated social media campaign ever built to remove these people from office,” Conway told The San Francisco Chronicle. “Our Congress has ceased to be representative. It is up to the citizens to remove those people who don’t represent them.”

Later on Conway says he hopes this will be like SOPA-PIPA on steroids.  What’s interesting though, is that most of the players in the SOPA & PIPA had a vested interest in the internet.  The major players when it comes to gun control live a in an entirely different world.

This is an incredibly interesting movement.  This is not only a fight that’s harder to win than SOPA & PIPA but it’s one that’s being fought on a completely different battleground, with completely different weapons.

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