A photocopier for “stuff”

Officially called the MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner, the device will work in concert with the MakerBot printer to complete the constellation of services MakerBot offers. For example, you will be able to scan an object and print it immediately on a MakerBot printer.

It’s exciting to see the democratisation of production through inexpensive 3D printers and now, 3D scanners.

The implications of these advancements on IPR is fascinating.  Do you like those candle sticks your friend has? Scan and print your own set!

We’ve seen the entertainment industry disrupted by technology, and the communications industry, but the manufacturing industry?  There’s a massive change on the horizon and it’s going to make the business model used by most business extinct.  We, as a society, really need to start to rethink what we consider value, and what we assign “worth” to.

via MakerBot Announces Its First Easy-To-Use Desktop 3D Scanner, The Digitizer | TechCrunch.

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