Tesla Vs The New York Times: No winners here

Engadget has a good write-up on the whole Tesla Vs New York Times saga.

The Times article is riddled with inaccurate statements, including basic stuff like the length of the legs of the trip and the maximum and minimum speeds along those legs. The HVAC temperature settings were misreported and, when the car was plugged in to charge, Broder failed to use the maximum charge, basically damning himself to failure before he even hit the road.

Who wins here?  The NYT, whose business is trust, is the big loser.

Tesla seem to have amassed a tremendous amount of publicity from this whole ordeal, but the “no publicity is bad publicity” mantra doesn’t necessarily apply when it brings to life the fears of every person even considering an electric vehicle.  The positive take away for them is that there’s now a fleet of journalists and enthusiastic supporters desperate to prove The Times wrong.

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