Skirting the issue

Dan Rowinski at RearWriteWeb reporting on some data released by analytics firm Flurry on the current state of the mobile market:

Flurry positions the battle as App Share versus Device Share. Apple leads in App Share while Android leads in Device Share.

Ok.  The article goes on to look at app share vs device share and total time spent in apps as a share.  It then suggests three possible reasons for iOS coming out on top on all these metrics.

A pocket computer against an upgraded phone: Flurry thinks that, since Apple popularized the concept of mobile app with the App Store, people were attracted to the iPhone and iPad for apps.

Fragmentation leads to limited app content: Apple has a fairly narrow mix of screen sizes and different versions of its iOS operating system for developers to contend with.

Because Apple is bigger, it feeds off itself: Here, Flurry presents the avalanche effect. ”It is that the arguably larger and richer ecosystem of apps that exists for iOS feeds on itself.

In reality, that explains absolutely nothing, and misses the point entirely.  It also fails to take in to account the massive lead iOS has in web usage over Android.  It’s not desktop vs mobile, it’s desktop vs iOS.

Why are people skirting around the issue?  iOS is better than android.  It’s faster and easier to use and as a result people use it more.

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