One company, multiple personalities

I find it astonishing that the same company that produced the abomination that was last night’s PS4 event can also create something like the RX1.

David Pogue:

But somehow, incredibly, Sony’s engineers have done it. The RX1 is easily coat-pocketable, but yes, there’s a full-frame sensor in there, and the photos it delivers are breathtaking.

I would debate the “First Full Frame Compact camera” claims though, the stunning M9 has been playing that trick since 2009 albeit in a slightly larger package and a significantly higher price.

Sony’s launch of the RX1 was a complete contrast to the PS4’s event.  Admittedly the audience is somewhat different, but it can’t be healthy for a company to exhibit two vastly different personalities in public.  The only other company I can think of that comes close would be Microsoft.  This is what you get when your technology company makes most of its money through finance products, a lack of focus.

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