Is Android the bread maker of smartphones?

A few years ago it seemed like everyone was getting a bread maker.  Most were given as gifts, some were bought.  Few were used more than a handful of times.

Looking at the recent article by Time Magazine that collates multiple data points for the smartphone market, I can’t shake the feeling that Android is the bread maker of smartphones.

There’s no disputing that Android phones are selling like hot cakes (aside – can you make hot cakes in a bread maker?).  In fact, in almost every territory they are outselling iOS (and quite handily in some territories).  But dig a little deeper and you get a different picture.  Every metric that measures whether people are actually using their phones has iOS handsomely winning.  Browser usage, usage in the enterprise (where the hell is Blackberry in that chart??), app revenue all favour iOS.

What’s more, given that Android has a larger install base each individual iOS user must be using their device a lot more than each Android user.

But there’s one more thing to consider.  If Android is the bread maker of smartphones, is Windows Phone the E.T. the Extra Terrestrial The Game of smartphones?

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