ASUS backing away from Windows RT


While not completely ruling out future Windows RT products, Shih said that, when it comes to Windows, he is putting all of his time and energy into devices that use Intel chips.

Microsoft really are floundering at the moment.  Sales are down almost across the board, and some of their big bets aren’t paying off.  Their 10-K filing hints at some of the disappointing Surface numbers, as highlighted by Geek Wire:

Microsoft just filed its annual Form 10-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and deep in the filing is the first public disclosure of the company’s revenue from its Surface tablet lineup: $853 million.

For more context, Microsoft also notes in the filing that Windows sales and marketing expenses rose $1 billion in the fiscal year, an increase of 34 percent, “reflecting an $898 million increase in advertising costs associated primarily with Windows 8 and Surface.

In other words, Microsoft spent more to advertise Windows 8 and Surface than it made in Surface revenue.

Ouch.  Where’s the leadership? Who steps up and takes responsibility for this fiasco?

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